... is the international brand of Garzon Bútor Corp. It is an established furniture manufacturer and trading company in Hungary offering an extensive product portfolio to its customers.

... have a strong capital base, annual revenue of over 10 Million Euros, a long history of quality production, ISO 9001 quality assurance and ISO 14001 environmental, and MEBIR management standards, and operations in main contractor, trading and manufacturing activities.

... for the corporation management, the most important task is meeting the demands of our customers, guaranteeing the high levels of RELIABILITY, QUALITY and PRICE-COMPETITIVENESS that they have come to expect from Garzon in five strategic areas:

  • office (numerous public institutes, ministries, government offices, office complexes, courthouses, law offices, banks, insurance companies, and customer areas)
  • hospital (more than 60 Hungarian hospitals and health and social welfare institutes)
  • education and culture (schools, higher education institutes and student residences, theatres)
  • hotel (hotels and guest houses)
  • shopfitting


In order to satisfy the high interior design demands of our customers, we rely on a network of experienced suppliers of additional products such as metal, acrylic and glas. Our projects are coordinated and supervised by an experienced and highly qualified project management team.

Our most important international markets are the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and France. We provide mainly hotel furniture, shopfitting and tailor made production services for our clients there.

We have an excellent level of software support, working with the latest design programmes and enterprise management systems (Nemetschek, Navision, MikroStation, Pro/Engineer, AutoCad, 2020 FN). Our commercial activities are based in our Headquarters in the city of Székesfehérvár supported by our showroom in Budapest.

Our reliable logistic background and stable storage and warehousing facilities guarantee that our furniture and equipment are stored in a secure and professional way.